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Infused Water is More Beneficial and more Tasty


Do you struggle to remember to drink water? Are you one of the people who have downloaded more than one app on their phone to remind them to stay hydrated? As much as it is a challenge, staying hydrated is essential for our body and mind, it could also have long-term effects. Hydration differs from one person to another depending on their lifestyle. People who work out will need to put in more effort to stay hydrated. That is because their body is constantly using water for different purposes, such as sweating or digesting food. So this means water-loss is high. In other words, your overall health is highly affected by your water intake.

This is where the most recent trend of infused (also known as detox water) surfaces. What is it exactly and what is the hype about it? This is a kind of water created by adding natural nutrients that enhance the health value of water. There is more than one way to make infused water, however it is mostly common to infuse it with flavors of vegetables or fruits, or even herbs. The combination of these flavors with water helps your body get rid of toxins and improve its digestion. It can even have great effect on the complexity of your skin, and amplify your energy levels. An added benefit is that it barely adds any calories, and can help you lose weight.

Here are 3 Different Recipes you can use:

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