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Crossfit Sahel Guide for Summer 2021

Are you a sports fanatic who is excited for summer 2021? Do you want to find out more about all the different sports being offered in Sahel this summer? In this series of articles, we will compile all the information you need regarding your favorite sports. First up is the famous and most loved Crossfit. Read on to find out which academies are offering Crossfit classes this summer and in which compounds.

Crossfit in Sahel 2021:

Summer wouldn’t be summer without “The Hot Summer Body”! Staying in shape and keeping fit are a large part of the experience and crossfit is one of the best ways you can achieve that. If you’re looking to continue working out during your weekend or your trip to Sahel in general, here is where you can do it:

1. Bo Islands

Ignite is an academy all about performance training, rehabilitation, fitness camps and corporate wellness.

2. Hacienda Bay & Hacienda White

Befit offers their incredible training programs in Hacienda Bay and Hacienda White. Befit has changed our understanding of training in Egypt. Ali Mazhar and his common “do you train?” phrase revolutionized the training industry.

3. Diplo

Stamina Sports & fitness is an Egyptian Professional Sports team specializing in fitness classes, triathlon, and endurance training powered by Hassan Allam properties.

4. Marassi

Eden Wellness strives to integrate wellness for yogis, athletes, movers, and all individuals seeking a healthy life.

5. Seashells

LA7 is for the passionate and those who want to transform from within. They will help you set new benchmarks for rapid and outstanding physical and mental transformations.

6. Hacienda Red

a. Elevate is all about doing your own thing at your own time! They have all the equipment and support you need, you just need to show up.

b. AquaFit offers the unique combination of sports + water. It is the ultimate workout that combines full body integration efficiently.

7. Telal

a. HIT offers a wide variety of athletic programs, for different levels, different ages, and different goals.

b. Move is where everybody is an athlete, regardless of their fitness level. Their personalized focused services might be exactly what you need!

8. Ghazala

Core is a unique luxury health, wellness & fitness club with access to world-class trainers, amenities, & services.

For more information on our upcoming sports in sahel series, visit our academies page and stay tuned for our next posts!

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